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Help Adventure Cycling Association build an official U.S. Bicycle Route System. Join our Climate Ride California team and be a part of it today!

As the price of oil escalates and the U.S. economy slowly recovers from the recession, more Americans are using their bicycles for recreation, local transportation, and cross-country travel. The bicycle has re-emerged as an efficient, economical, and sustainable travel mode for all ages.

The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) will provide the United States with a strong, visible bicycle route network connecting the nation’s emerging urban and metropolitan networks. Other countries and provinces, especially in Europe and Canada, have implemented regional and national route networks that enable their citizens to use bicycles to replace tens of millions of car trips. For example, the United Kingdom’s National Cycle Network carried 338 million zero-carbon trips during 2006 (A substantial increase from 85.5 million in 2000), reducing CO2 emissions by 437,000 tons. In the U.S., research has shown that mode share for biking increases as infrastructure develops. The USBRS can achieve similar results by connecting urban, suburban, and rural communities to each other and to multiple modes of transportation. The network will establish routes using existing infrastructure, including off-road paths where possible. It will also stimulate the creation of new non-motorized facilities, especially in urban and suburban areas.

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