This is my fundraising page for the 2014 Climate Ride bicycling and seminar trip from NYC to DC, September 20-24.  Click the blue  SUPPORT ME button near the top and center to donate.  I need YOUR HELP to maximize my donations, now that I am past the minimum of $2800 needed join the ride.

First, though, let’s set the stage with this environmental poem.  So, why try -- at least try -- to help our climate and our environment?  Read the poem I wrote about a week after graduating from college.  The location was a dirt road in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.  It was fertile farm fields and woods and a dirt road, then.



My path is lit with a celestial luminescence,

I see my way clearly.

While stars twinkle down and the moon glows from above,

I rush to my place in an Earth-born firmament.

A streaking comet in a heavens of fireflies.

I calm my flight in a flickering swarm.

Polestar of terrestial revolution.

I take to wing again.

A mere firefly myself with its kin,

Born to blink and disappear.


Why, even the stars must be mortal,

Twinkling, twinkling, twinkling, then gone.

Not alone in the moonlight on a dusty road,

I am alive with a timeless present:

   A timeless present --- this shimmering, fleeting instant,

   A timeless present --- this ever-available memory of image and imagination,

   A timeless present --- this precious gift of life and understanding.


Poem copyright Philo Collins, officially Phillip John Collins, 2000.  Song lyrics for 2 songs I wrote, Walk In The Light, and Beth’s Song, a memorial to my stepmother, are at the bottom of this page.

   We all have these timeless presents.  To preserve them we need to be, individually and together, better caretakers of our Earth and each other.  When the “Green Patriarch” of the Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew, was in Washington, DC at Georgetown University he said that the call in Genesis was for humankind to exercise “dominion” over the Earth and its inhabitants, not “domination” or “destruction.”   

There is a doctrine in law that says we are presumed to intend the natural and reasonably expectable consequences of our acts.  Well, we humans must really hate fossil fuels and our current climate and the future of the human race.  Why so? We are permanently burning up irreplaceable, non-renewable fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas, and coal, about as fast as humanly possible, and by doing so, we are damaging, perhaps destroying our climate about as fast as humanly possible.  Because the human race, has not yet moved forward off of its heavy dependence on fossil fuels, and both humans and the Earth’s plants and animals are habituated to our current climate, we are endangering our future prosperity, perhaps survival.

   Climate Ride is from September 20-25, 2014, on bicycles from NYC to DC, about 300 miles.  Because of the importance of the recently scheduled People’s Climate March “PCM”, on Sunday September 21 (more below), before the recently called World Leaders Climate Summit by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the United Nations in NYC the following week, Climate Ride has scheduled a bus NYC for the PCM, then back to the Ride on the 21st.  I have signed up for that bus, so you know.  You should, if you can, attend the Peoples Climate March in NYC also.

We must protect our future as humanity on a small but beautiful - still beautiful - planet named, Earth.  A drop of water can do very little -- but a flood can do much.  You and I, we are drops of water that can do very little alone. - Let's get ourselves together Sept 21 in NYC into a Mighty and Humane Flood for Earth-Born Climate Protection to get action on climate. Pass it on.


Information About Donating:


Donations through the “SUPPORT ME” button go to Climate Ride “CR”.  The CR FAQ says:  “All donations made to support your fundraising are fully tax-deductible. All donors will receive an e-tax receipt via email as record of their donation.”  I have designated the Sierra Club DC as my beneficiary.  I have been an active volunteer with the local Sierra Club.  

About a bit over half of the funds donated to my ClimateRide end up going to the Sierra Club, about 20% goes to Climate Ride for administration and supporting the riders, while about 30% goes to other Climate Ride activities, mostly charitable.(I asked Climate Ride staff about this).  The Climate Ride FAQ says:  “ If you do not raise the fundraising minimum or transfer to another event, your fundraising will support the cause through the Climate Ride Growth Fund.” -- which should be a good cause, though not the DC Sierra Club chapter. The more money raised past the $2800 minimum, the higher the percentage that goes to the Sierra Club, as the fixed costs for the ride become a smaller percentage.

So, now you have more information, and I ask to to donate as much as you can for my Ride.  Thanks.

Here are the funding pre-sets, some with gifts in return - especially the great nature photographs donated by Jim Dougherty at the $300 level.


$15.00.  Most everyone can afford $15.00 or more to help support climate and environment through the Sierra Club.  



Donate $75 and receive a Sierra Club hat and t-shirt.



Donate $300 and you will receive, a gracious gift of one beautiful artist quality framed high resolution nature scene photograph,  courtesy of Jim Dougherty Photography, of your choice from his site.  Jim is also a national director of the Sierra Club and an environmental lawyer, as well as an accomplished photographer, as you can see on his site.




PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MARCH -- Sunday September 21, 2014

Also, the People's Climate March, ,  is Sunday September 21 in New York City near the United Nations, where Secretary General of the UN, Ban Kee Moon will be holding a Climate Summit of World Leaders.   You should, if you can, both contribute to my Climate Ride and go to New York City yourself on Sunday Sept. 21 -- which is the Biggest Day for climate advocates we will see.  Yes, it is a people numbers game with the world leaders assembled and world media to show that we care, really care enough to get togther in one spot at one time.  On Sept 21, our bodies standing up together as representatives for our minds dreaming of a future secure for our children and future generations - as well as the rest of our own lifetimes, will count , and count for  a lot more than it we all sit home or some other obscure place.  



Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's Climate Summit, and hence the People's Climate March, were scheduled after the Climate Ride was.  So, because of the top importance, [how many holy days and high secular celebrations such as the Fourth of July combined would it to take influence world leaders and people like you and I to save the climate and planet [?]], of the People's Climate March, the Climate Ride will  have a bus to the March on September 21 from the end of the first day's ride near Princeton NJ to NYC and later to near Valley Forge PA, where the second days ride ends.  I have a ticket to go from the Climate Ride to the People's Climate March in NYC and back to the Climate Ride.  Just so you know.





(chorus) Walk in the light

Can you see it shining

Walk in the light

It is shining

Walk in the light

Bright as sunshine

Burning within you

Walk in the light


(First Verse:)

Do you know the way?

Can you find the way?

Can you see the way?

Among the many ways for you,

There is a way for you,

There is a light in you

There is a light in you

And in all creation

Walk in the light


(Chorus, then Second Verse)

The light will reveal the way

The light will not conceal the troubles on the way

The light will show you were to go

The light will not take you there

In the light you can see

In the light you are free

In the light you will never be

Unless you walk in the light

Walk in the light


(Chorus, then Third Verse:)

In the light there is fear, And courage over fear

In the light there is doubt, And truth comes out

In the light there is weakness, And growing strength

In the light there is folly, And increasing wisdom

In the light there is absence of feeling, And ever widening, ever deepening love --

When you walk in the light

Walk in the light


(Chorus last time)

Walk in the light


copyright 2000 by Phillip John Collins, informally Philo Collins


BETH’S SONG -- my stepmother; Beth was a pilot, and managed a small airport for some time.  The Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) Meeting House (Church) was filled, even in the balcony, for her memorial service - she was very outgoing and warm. I sang this song there.


(First Verse:)

Beth loved to fly

Up in the sky

She so enjoyed the view

Of clouds around

of verdant ground

of sunset’s rosy hue


(Second Verse:)

Beth loved the Earth

The land of birth

Of all her kin and kith

A kitten or a flower

could enchant a magic hour

of beauty without

and within


(Third Verse:)

Beth was a friend

who cared without end

for all the folks she’d know

Beth was so dear

when she was here

and now our Beth has flown

Above the clouds


copyright 2000 by Phillip John Collins, informally Philo Collins





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